How do we know if we’re compliant if we’re not really sure what the issues are?

ERISA, COBRA, FSA, HSA, HRA, HIPAA, FMLA, GINA, USERRA, HITECH, PPACA... Staying compliant these days is enough to make your head spin, especially with the government increasing the number of employer audits each year.

Virtus Benefits delivers the resources to ensure your company is airtight on all compliance measures, whether it's frequent updates on changes in state and federal laws or assistance with establishing privacy officers. Our clients have access to unlimited consults with HR professionals to address any HR concerns as well as an HR website that provides documents and communication tools for employees.

We'll also have you ready for 2014 with an in-depth Healthcare Reform Preparedness Evaluation and, if needed, Requirements Implementation. You'll be prepared to make the right decisions well in advance.