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We help you Maximize Every Dollar you spend on Employee benefits.

Providing your employee's with benefits is one of the most important things you do.
It's also one of the most expensive things you do.

We help by providing predicatable Costs, providing technology to Streamline HR, and we personally provide Employee Services, helping them with claims, questions, tools, wellness and more.

We Help You Give Your Employees Benefits with Integrity.
We Offer You A better way. A simpler way.

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Are you tired of the same story every year regarding why your medical benefits cost increase?

Every employer is concerned about the continued rising cost of providing medical benefits “ it compromises the bottom line.
Every employee is concerned about the cost of medical benefits “ it cuts into their take home pay every year.

To ease the financial weight on employers and employees, Virtus gives simple strategies that help you accomplish budgetable and predictable costs.

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Streamline HR

Does Benefits Administration Involve Paper In Your Company?

With our simple tools, all HR needs to do can be done in less than one minute when it comes to taking an employee through the onboarding, benefits administration, and payroll process. This allows your HR team to spend more time on what's important “ culture, employee care and relations.

Does HR spend time and resources each year trying to find out if your benefits meet compliance?

73% of Department of Labor audits result in penalties and fines to the employer. We give you a bullet proof answer to be sure you have what you need and will not face fines if audited.

Our simplified approach allows you to take care of your company employees the way you want them taken care of.

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Employee Services

Do you want HR spending time answering a myriad of benefits questions from employees?

We Give You Employee Advocates “ A Team That Takes Care of Your Employees That Doesn't Work for an Insurance Company.

Are You Getting the Return on Your Wellness Dollars That Was Promised to You?

We Help Empower You & Your Employees To Understand and Value Where Personal Health and Company Health Meet.

Do your employees appreciate their benefits as much as you wish they did?

We offer a direct line of communication to your employees on how to get the most out of the benefits you provide. Educated Employees Make Educated Decisions

It's our promise to you that what's important to them is just as important to us.

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