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We help you Maximize Every Dollar you spend on Employee benefits.

Providing your employee's with benefits is one of the most important things you do.
It's also one of the most expensive things you do.

We help by providing predicatable Costs, providing technology to Streamline HR, and we personally provide Employee Services, helping them with claims, questions, tools, wellness and more.

We Give You A Better, Simpler Way To Employee Benefits with Integrity.

Does this sound familiar?

A couple of months before your renewal, you hear from your broker. "It's that time of year again! (You're thinking a very sarcastic "great.) "We'll be getting your renewal soon.

It's that annual surprise you get every year. It could be good. It could be bad. Either way, it's going up and you can never seem budget properly for it.

You're presented a market analysis on your medical benefits - from all of only a few remaining companies.

You raise the deductible, out-of-pocket, and copays (if you still have them). You do whatever to get it to a reasonable cost while still having a plan left your employees might value, their spouses might value, will be affordable, and doesn't eat up any annual pay raise they might receive.

You hope the other items - Life, Dental, Disability, etc. - don't increase too much, but you're typically expected to manage through it if and when they do.

Then you have Open Enrollment “ the big paper-storm. Forms and more forms, booklets, spreadsheets, and the ever-popular group meetings where this wonderful news (not!) about the new benefits your company is offering to your most important asset (and their families) is rolled out.

Soon, the likely least popular time of the year ends only to be repeated about nine months later with a few issues handled by your broker in-between.

And it's been like this for years!
How's it working for you?
Are you able to maximize the success of your business this way?

If this doesn't hit home, move on to the next priority “ but please, before doing so, send your broker a quick thank-you email, phone call, or gift basket.

If this does hit home and you think there has to be another way.
A better way.
A simpler way.
Call us at 615.806.6293, email us at WeCanHelp@VirtusBenefits.com.

Virtus is your direct line to simplify.