Every employer is concerned about the rising costs of providing employee benefits “ it compromises your bottom line.  They go up every year and 2016 is projected to be the year the largest ObamaCare cost is expected.  Yet, you have to manage them even more so today to avoid the non-deductible 40% Cadillac Tax!

Every employee is concerned about the rising costs of benefits “ it cuts into their take-home pay every year.

  • How about a solution that's more budgetable and predictable?
  • Wouldn't it be nice to know outside of 60 days what next year's costs might be?
  • How about data?
    • Where's your money going?
    • Where's your employees' money going?
    • Where are your claims dollars going?
    • What are the conditions driving your claims?
    • What can you do to help your employees and those they love
  • Can you minimize or maximize the impact of ObamaCare?
  • There is a new wave of penalties and taxes associated with ObamaCare in addition to those that already exist.  Audit frequency is sky-rocketing.  73% of audits result in a fine or penalty that can be thousands of dollars.  Simply, Compliance is at an all-time important high.  How about a solution that can make you bullet-proof when audited?
  • Life, Disability, & Stop Loss “ what if you could pay 20% less?  What if you could pay 20% less, not change your benefits, and not change your current insurance company!?

The answer to all these questions is only one simple word “ YES!

Virtus is your direct line to accomplish predictable & budgetable costs.

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